Myriam Tripet


Born in Le Havre in 1959, Myriam Tripet has been living in Neuchâtel for over twenty years.

Patchwork - which she discovered in 1982 - was a revelation. Myriam Tripet has an innate sense of colour and shape, and a unique talent for textile art as a means of expression. She has taken several courses with internationally renowned artists over the years, seeking out and testing new techniques while developing a style that is very much her own.

Her meeting with Romanian artist Georgetta Statesco in 1995 was a decisive point within her development. She consciously moved away from traditional patchwork and embarked upon new adventure: her own creations.

Myriam Tripet loves to travel, and constantly brings back fabrics she has discovered on her journeys. She looks at them, touches them, and gets a feel for them. But the fabrics also mean the emotions born of a fleeting moment, the magic of a place, the vibrancy of a colour, or a subtle fragrance that touches her deeply. And this is where she derives this inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Using ingredients such as gold or silver thread, wool, linen and others, the artist creates compositions whose richness, harmony and aesthetic appeal evoke delight. She takes us on an enchanted journey where nature - so essential to life - is unmistakably reflected in harmonious shades of blue and green. The lively colours of her works fascinate onlookers, reaching out to them and seducing them. This is an art that leaves no one indifferent thanks to the almost tangible energy it conveys. Although a sublimation of this artist's experience and her inner richness, it also exhorts us to let ourselves go, to plunge into a fairytale world where our imagination and our emotions are set free.

Every work is a special encounter, a moment of pleasure to be savoured in full. And this intimate exchange, this exaltation of the senses, is what Myriam Tripet invites us to discover through her art.

Ghislaine Perriard

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